Make It Local

Shop local. Eat local. elect local.

Imagine if you had a Council Member that you elected, that represents your community. Someone who lived in your neighborhood and was invested there. Someone you could reach out to, who understood your issues.
Someone who represented you!

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Our Mission

  • Columbus City Council Members are not currently elected by districts. This means your community has no specific Council Member to represent your interests. 
  • Columbus is the only one of the Top 25 Cities in America that does not elect Council Members by district.
  • Your State Legislature and the United States Congress all represent specific districts. Only the Columbus City Council does not. 
  • Electing by district means your community will be specifically represented on our City Council. 

Proposed Charter Amendment will create
3 at-large & 10 council districts

The current process of appointments/elections in Columbus City Council is unfair and doesn’t work. There are several problems when it comes to electing At-Large City Council members in the city:

  • The cost to be a candidate is only affordable to the wealthy or those “anointed” by the status-quo.
  • Neighborhoods are not represented in City Hall, creating an unequal distribution of resources when it comes to housing, employment, economic development, and basic city services.
  • The amount of votes needed makes it difficult for some constituencies to get elected, especially for women and people of color.

The current system in Columbus City Council has also created a culture of cronyism, unfair representation, and favoritism when it comes to jobs at City Hall, contracts and sub-contracts awarded by the City, and special favors to friends of the ruling minority.

Read the proposed language here

Quick Facts

  • Council members elected by districts promote accountability, community, and fairness by bringing government closer to Columbus residents.
  • Unlike our current system, you will have a specific Council Member responsible to you and your neighbors. You will be able to hold them accountable for solving your issues both in your neighborhood, and across the city.
  • Under the Districts 3-10 proposal, an energetic candidate can communicate directly with the people he/she will represent instead of raising hundreds of thousands of dollars. Elections will be significantly cheaper.
  • Council Members elected from a specific district will be better able to advocate for public safety, parks, pedestrian safety, transporation, and road maintenance resources.
  • Gives everyone an opportunity to run for office.