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Maury (M.D.) Portman, Columbus’ longest-serving city council member and a former council president, supported expanding the size of city council and adding district representation to it.

He said in 1998: ‘Seven council members for a city this size is ridiculous, you can’t possibly be in touch with citizens regularly. . . . I feel that the most practical solution would divide the city into districts, and to prevent conflicts, you should have a certain number of at-large members to balance it out.’

Portman was among many past Columbus Democratic leaders who supported that position.

They included:
Mayor M.E. “Jack” Sensenbrenner
Council Member and mayoral candidate Dr. John Rosamond
Franklin County Democratic Party Chair John E. Jones.

Those Democratic leaders recognized that support for district representation is consistent with the principles of a “Party of the People.”

In particular, district representation means government that is less influenced by big-money special interests and more responsive to people.
Sadly, so-called Democratic leaders in Columbus today, such as Ginther, raise big money from corporate interests (such as Redflex), and then support the all at-large election system, which maximizes the power and influence of wealthy corporate interests. Democratic leaders in Columbus need to get back to their Party’s traditional principles.Joe Sommer

Columbus has become closed to a small group of political insiders that fails to represent most communities. Money dominates decisions at city hall. It’s time to end the corruption and give every community a voice.

Represent Columbus is the path to clean up the corruption and keep our city great, by giving everyone representation in our community, not just a few major donors or special interest groups. If I am elected as your mayor, I will support district representation as part of my plan to clean up Columbus. Zach Scott, Franklin County Sheriff and Mayoral Candidate