What it will include:constitution

The final language for the petition and the charter amendment has not been drafted, but we expect the following:

  • Creates a city council elected both from districts and at large.  The council would be comprised either of 11 members, with 4 at large and 7 from districts; or 13 members, with 3 at large and 10 from districts; or 15 members, with 3 at large and 12 from districts.
  • Council members representing districts will have to live in those districts.
  • Districts will be apportioned by a 9 member Columbus district apportionment committee, composed of Columbus residents who apply to do so, immediately following the adoption of this amendment (but only if the council upon the recommendation of the city attorney determines the map presented with the petition should be changed for legal reasons) and after every federal decennial census thereafter.
  • Three apportionment committee members will be appointed by the mayor and council, and no more than three may be registered electors of any one political party.
  • The apportionment committee shall appoint a qualified districting master who will be responsible for drawing all proposed plans.
  • District borders shall be drawn to produce compact and contiguous districts, based on recognized geographic and neighborhood boundaries, that are not gerrymandered for political or personal advantage.
  • Public input will be considered as the plans are drawn and chosen.
  • Council and city administration will provide all the necessary resources to ensure that the apportionment committee will get the job done right.